Why Reviews Are More Credible Than Advertisements


Positive information online is not the only benefit that a digital marketing agency gains from King Kong advertising reviews; they help the page rank high in search engine results. With so much information from reviews, they have become more credible to consumers than advertisements. The more reviews that the company gets from reviews sites, the higher will the chances of appearing on the first page of Goggle.

Popular online review sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor have been around for years. They contain an extensive database of information on businesses. Search engines like Google favour sites that have a presence on popular online review sites so that it isn’t surprising why a business’s Facebook page ranks higher in Google search results than its own website.

However, if the company’s page does not rank, there is still a possibility that it may show up as part of a list. For example, if you search for a certain digital marketing agency, it can still gain first-page exposure because of the positive reviews on online review sites.

Aside from review sites, online directories have also become extensive platforms that aggregate a wide range of data from multiple sources. Consumers intentionally search for reviews on directories and review sites; they do not just accidentally stumble on online reviews.

Apart from encouraging King Kong advertising reviews, the digital marketing agency monitors and responds to all the reviews. Responding promptly to reviews can influence the decision of prospective customers and turns the reputation gained into a valuable asset for the company.

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