Why Plastering Is Best Left To The Experts


There are instances when you will hear the word skimming instead of plastering. Both tasks are undertaken by plasterer in Sydney but plastering is more general. Skimming requires the use of finishing plaster on the walls while plastering may include other activities like patching up holes and fixing dents and cracks.

Both skimming and plastering are difficult tasks that require professionals. While anybody can easily go up to the walls or ceiling, it is not easy to create a flat and smooth surface. It is a task that requires experience and a great deal of hard work.

People who are passionate about DIY can try to skim their walls, but a mistake can cost a few hundred dollars to rectify. Be prepared to throw away a sheet of plasterboard and a bag of top coat plaster. It is also very likely that you wasted a lot of time and efforts.

Another thing that most people are not aware of is top coat plaster gets hard very quickly. As soon as the first coat is placed; it is ready to be trowelled so that the second coat can be applied. Timing is very critical to obtain a polished finish. If you are too quick or too slow, you can expect a horrible result.

In order to determine the proper time you need to mix an eggcup full of skim to be spread out on a prepared PVA. Make sure to mark the time that the skim gets firm not hard. This is the right point when the skim can be made smooth without any trowel marks. When the skim is already hard, it can be smoothen through sanding. Large areas can be broken up into smaller manageable chunks through stainless beads that can be fixed on the surface so that plastering will be easier.

Mixing plaster to create a thick, creaming consistency that is a bit sloppy usually goes wrong for people who do not have experience in plastering. The expert plasterer in Sydney uses big buckets to mix a whole bag of skim to cover 12 to 13 square meters of wall without any mistakes.

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