Types Of Christmas Pajamas For Babies


Along with choosing the best fabric for children’s delicate skin is the type of pajamas that will vary according to their age. Here are several types that will help you decide in choosing what’s good for your babies or kids.

Wearable Blankets – If you are expecting an infant on Christmas, he or she can still be part of the Christmas Pajamas trend. Wearable blankets or sleeping bags are best for newborn and some stores offer those that will suit the Christmas holidays. This type of pajama will give comfort to your baby as it provides complete garment. Although it does not have legs, it comes like a bag that ensures comfort and warmth. Take note that in the first months, babies should not be covered with blankets as this may suffocate them. Thus, wearable blankets is the best choice that will keep you feel secure about your baby especially during winter season.

Onesies – this type of pajama can match with adults’ Christmas Pajamas. Onesies are ideal for babies because they are made of one piece cloth, which means they will be completely covered. You have the option to cover their feet or not. This pajama also offers buttons on the legs, which will make it easier for you to change diapers. It lessens your stress because you do not have to take it off and at the same time, your baby will not feel cold during the process. Babies are not comfortable when onesies are pulled on them so be sure to choose one that is not too small. But do not go for too large as well. Babies do not stop moving and they might get tangled in their clothes.

Two-piece (with or without feet) – this pajama is good for babies especially when they start walking. You may choose between long and short pants or sleeves, depending on the weather. Be sure to choose the correct size.

Bodysuit – Bodysuits are only advisable during summer. This covers the body of babies except their legs and arms.  Although some bodysuits come with sleeves, this type of pajama is not so common during Christmas holidays.

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