Tips For Finding The Right Gas Fitter


Finding the right plumber and gas fitter is no arbitrary choice. Considering how dangerous both plumbing and gas can be when improperly installed, you definitely want to get someone who can handle the job properly.

But how do you go about looking through gas plumbers in Brisbane or wherever in order to find the right gas fitter? We have some tips here to help you out.

Make sure that they’re licensed.

First and foremost, the fitter should be licensed. Not only is unlicensed gas work illegal is not only illegal, but is also unsafe. Using a license plumber and/or gas fitter gives you the peace of mind that your purchase will not only be installed correctly, but also safely. Regulations differ from state to state, but the simplest way is to just ask for their gas fitting card. If they refuse, that’s a red flag, and a sign that you should probably turn to someone else.

Gasfitter vs. plumber

There is a difference, here. Simply put, while some plumbers can offer gasfitting services, someone who’s solely qualified as a gasfitter can’t actually deal with plumbing, only installing and maintaining gas appliances. You need to be careful, so as to make sure you’re getting the right person with the right skills for your needs. In the AU, qualified plumbers can provide some gasfitting services, but it doesn’t reall work the other way around. Gasfitters don’t do plumbing, but they can handle cook tops, gas barbies and other gas systems. There are people who are both licensed gasfitters and plumbers, so be on the lookout for that.

Do your homework

An obvious thing, but something that people tend to forget. Even something as simple as typing your potential tradie’s name into Google can help you shed some light on them and how they operate. Most of the refutable ones have sites on their own to help you decide, and, if all else fails, Master Plumbers Australia can give recommendations.

Cheaper isn’t always better

If someone quotes you a price that feels too good to be real, odds are it really is. So be diligent and ask them why they’re so cheap, and get extra quotes. If they don’t reveal the reason for their cheap rates, then that’s also a red flag. Rule of thumb, if the gasfitter refuses to answer inquiries on their practices, best to just steer clear.

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