The Top Tourist Attractions of Tel Aviv


The city of Tel Aviv has been known as a cultural hub. There you would find a lot of different cultures converging into one peaceful environment. Not only that, the city is also known for its abundance in natural and man-made attractions. It comes as no surprise that the city is being visited by countless of tourists every year.

All you need to do is get settled in one of the many Tel Aviv hotels and then you can start touring these top tourist attractions.

  1. The Beaches. Located at the Mediterranean, you can only expect the city to boast a beautiful shoreline. With its white sand beaches and a rich blue sea, the Tel Aviv beaches have been compared to other beautiful beaches around the world most especially with the Miami Beach.


  1. Old Jaffa. An ancient port in Israel, the Old Jaffa has been greatly associated with the stories of Jonah, Solomon and even St. Peter. Now, you can also walk into this picturesque neighborhood and absorb its old and rich history.


  1. Night Life. The night is truly alive in Tel Aviv as the city is also known for its heavy party scene.


  1. Tel Aviv Museum of Art. If you want to see the best of Israeli art, then you should visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art which also boasts a peculiar architectural design.


  1. HaCarmel Market. Take a stroll down Tel Aviv’s most colorful market.


  1. Park Hayarkon. Dubbed as the ‘green lung’ of Tel Aviv, Park Hayarkon is the largest park in the whole city and is known for its beautiful green grass and trees. There are a lot of things a tourist can do in Park Hayarkon, because of this it is visited by 16 million tourists annually.


  1. Suzanne Dellal Centre. If you want to see a dance show by the best of Israeli dancers as well as many other international artists, then head for the breathtaking Suzanne Dellal Centre.


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