The Relationship Between Reviews And SEO


A company’s reputation plays a critical role in local organic search rankings. For example, a company that is listed on major local business directories usually gets good reviews. When the brand is frequently mentioned in reviews, it ranks higher on search engine results than brands that are rarely mentioned.

Customer reviews do more for the business than improving its reputation and credibility. Google often displays the top three most relevant businesses for any given query. The major determining factor that Google uses on rankings is the rating and reviews from customers. Favorable reviews and high star ratings mean more clicks from users.

Good reviews and high star ratings translate to more business. For example, a restaurant has an average of 4.5 stars while the competitor in the local area only has a 2-star rating. Where will the customer go to? This clearly illustrates the importance of attracting good reviews online. A business that makes the effort to pursue customer reviews will undoubtedly win in terms of traffic and purchases.

The power of reviews is actually increasing because of third-party review platforms. Review sites have a strong influence over search rankings. Average daily ratings for businesses are prominently displayed so that users will immediately know how highly rated a particular site is.

A digital marketing agency encourages clients to post king kong SEO review by providing them with an outstanding experience. The company understands the influence of reviews on other people that is why they provide a service that is beyond expectation. A happy satisfied customer does not need to be pushed to write a review; he will willingly write something favorable.

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