The Power Of Online Reviews


The internet has changed a lot of people’s lives, not least of which is how they shop for products. In turn, that’s elevated online reviews to a mainstay and a key facet of online shopping; every King Kong advertising review, every hotel review, every product rating; it all has power.

The pieces of the pie

Data varies based on source, but it’s generally agreed upon that the vast majority of people (around 80-90%) do research online before buying anything. On the flip side, a large number (again, data varies, but it’s generally accepted to be around the 80% margin) of online shoppers have admitted that negative reviews turn them away from a product or business.


A good King Kong advertising review does a lot for improving that particular brand’s credibility, which is why they show those off. Positive reviews can do a lot in garnering trust in customers.

On the flip side, not having negative reviews is fishy as it comes across as unrealistic. People have lots of things to say about lots of things, so naturally, there will be some dissent. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, since…


Online reviews are a direct line to customers. Whenever someone posts a King Kong advertising review, they expect that someone will come along and respond. This is a chance to reinforce positive reviews and build relationships, while also looking at negative reviews to see what went wrong, address issues, and improve so you can do better in the future.


Regardless of whether a review is good or bad, how you respond to it can shape how people see your brand.

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