Telling A Strong Story Through Interactive Maps


Companies with websites can use Interactive Map Services for digital maps that can help their customers find their locations. When interactive maps are embedded directly on the web page, visitors become more engaged because relevant company information is provided in a different way. Information will be 100% accurate and relevant to the message that the company wants to convey.

The goal of most clients who require an interactive on their website is to display location-specific information about their business activities. They want to tell a story about their goals, issues, progress and impact to the community.

The most basic technique in creating an interactive map is to highlight different points of interest. By visually differentiating the markers, it will create an opportunity for useful branded information design through color and iconography.

An interactive map is an ideal tool to quickly share detailed information about a geographic area. The technique is to include summaries to pictures and links that will provide users with great context. Design control over the details can be achieved through mapping tools like hover boxes. The mapping tool will allow the presentation of top-level summaries and useful visual navigation. The look and feel of the map can be easily integrated with the brand.

If the company operates a lot of programs in one closed area, they can be presented without creating a confusing mess. A cluster of map points can be displayed as one marker until the user zooms the map to gain more details. Users will get the big picture and they can investigate each individual point.

Another type of map is the choropleth map that show variations in data through the use of color. It is similar to the map used during elections that color-codes states. Color coding is a great way to communicate large amounts of data so that users can easily understand patterns and trends.

Interactive Map Services uses both 2D and 3D technologies in illustrated maps so that users can amplify the features that they want to know more about. This technique allows the user to appreciate the beauty of the artwork while providing a strong platform for drill-down information and cross-linking options through interactivity.

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