NSW Rights For Landlords And Property Managers


It may seem intuitive that landlords, bring the owner and manager of properties, are responsible for the maintenance, installation and alarm repairs in Perth, Sydney, and other major cities in Australia. They may hold responsibility in the maintenance of homes, apartments, and other establishments that they put on lease, but not everything. In fact, in New South Wales, landlords are protected by some rights that they might not know about.


Increase rent

Landlords and property managers are allowed to increase the rent during a lease under certain conditions. For fixed leases—that is the tenant and the landlord have agreed to allow the property to be rented for a specified period of time— of less than two years; the rent can increase in no more than once every year. This can only be allowed and implemented if both parties have agreed to add the increase to their agreement. For those renting under a periodic lease—that is for an indefinite period of time— there is no clear limit on the frequency of increase in rent, although if the tenant believes that he or she is being charged too much, he or she can raise the issue in Tribunal and try to settle for a lower lease.


It is very important, however, that the agreement must clearly reflect the amount added to the rent, or the method used in computing for the increase. The landlord must also provide ample time to notify the tenant regarding the increase.


Allow the tenants to do minor maintenance.

While landlords are generally responsible for the installation and major alarm repairs in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other major cities in Australia, landlords in New South Wales are spared from minor maintenance such as replacing light bulbs in the properties that they rent out. In New South Wales, the responsibility to do so falls upon the tenants, including other minor chores needed in the upkeep of the property. This includes replacing some alarm batteries, air conditioner filters, and other day-to-day maintenance requirements as stipulated in their contract.


Tenants are also supposed to leave the place the way that it was when the started renting. If the property had all working light bulbs and no leaking faucets, the tenant must make sure that the same condition is met when they vacate.

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