Negative Reviews Aren’t Always Bad


When someone sees a good king kong agency review, it does a lot to influence their purchasing decisions. In the online age, where people rely on the internet to find the things they need or want, online reviews are more powerful than ever.

Consequently, a lot of businesses do what they can to avoid negative reviews. However, those are simply unavoidable; the cost of doing business. They’re not all bad, and can be useful for a business.

Helping in buying decisions

When people look up a business, group, product, or service, they also look at the negative reviews for it. A few negative reviews are good here, because they offer a more realistic look; negative reviews can simply come from people not having their expectations met, not because a product or service is bad. Also, having all 5 star positive reviews is seen as unrealistic and raises red flags.

A chance to respond and make amends

Answering customer reviews is important for every business, especially if the reviews are negative ones. Studies have shown that people are more trusting of companies that quickly respond to reviews, especially negative ones.

Responding negatively or censoring negative reviews are the worst possible options for dealing with negative reviews. If a negative king kong agency review pops up and people see it censored, then it erodes their trust. But if they see it’s properly addressed, with solutions suggested, or with something clever and witty, then they see it as the company or brand caring about their customers’ opinion, which builds trust.

Highlight the good

Bad reviews can provide contrast for good ones, highlighting them. People compare negative and positive reviews, making side-by-side comparisons of them, which gives them a more complete picture of a product.


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