Introduction To Arborist And How To Choose One


Arborist is the person you should call when you have issues with your tress that you cannot solve on your own. They are the experts when it comes to trees. The services they offer varies from evaluating the current state of the tree, providing the appropriate treatment necessary if the trees are infested or have diseases, and pruning.

Arborist is what we call people who are tree professionals. Unlike any other kind of profession, they don’t carry a license or certificate that can prove that they are a professional arborist. Certification awarded by authorized professional organizations in every country such as International Society of Arboriculture or ISA is one way to identify a certified arborist.

If an arborist offers full service, it means that they specialize in all aspects of taking care of the tree such as pruning, diagnosing diseases, transplanting, tree removal, fertilizing and managing pets. In the case of consulting arborists, they will be able to evaluate trees and give their professional opinion but they do not provide tree services.

If you have never hired an arborist before, you might be wondering where to find one. The first thing you can do is consult the phone directory to check if there are individuals and companies that are listed in the tree services category. If you know of a neighbour or family that has hired an arborist before, ask for a referral.

It is not recommended to hire individuals who are going door-to-door and asking homeowners if they require tree services such as pruning and cutting. This is usually common after a big storm has passed. Majority of these individuals are untrained and are only looking for an easy opportunity to earn money.

Choose arborist or company that has the proper equipment necessary for providing tree services including hydraulic boom, chainsaw, truck and wood chipper. Individuals claiming to be professionals but lacking proper equipment are most likely frauds.

Before choosing an arborist in Perth, make sure that you have screened several candidates and chosen among them the one that could provide the services you need in an affordable deal.

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