Illustrated Maps As A Marketing Tool


Even in the age of Google Maps and GPS, illustrators like Rabinky Art are still in demand, as illustrated maps provide a different take on places and locals, as they showcase the culture and personality of an area with their exaggerated and stylized drawings and artistic details.

An illustrated map isn’t geographically accurate, and it isn’t drawn to scale. It’s not supposed to be. It’s there to emphasize specific locations and landmarks, as well as show off a bit of their personality.

For this reason, illustrated maps see a lot of use in the tourism and hospitality industries. They don’t need to just show tourist destinations and local attractions on a map, they need some way of visually communicating what makes these places special.

It’s not uncommon for hotel chains and other similar establishments to provide local tourist maps for their guests. These maps tend to include paid promotion from local hangouts like bars, entertainment centres, and tourist destinations, and are a great way for new visitors to the area to get a feel for the place.

However, the tourism industry isn’t the only one to use lots of illustrated maps. Illustrators like Rabinky Art also get work from local governments looking to give the local economy a boost by promoting local attractions and destinations, like local landmarks.

For seasonal events, illustrated maps are also hard to match. For summer, they tend to focus on campsites and the surrounding features and facilities, while in the winter, they’re focused on the areas where people can enjoy skiing and other winter activities.

Regardless of the season, illustrated maps help with immersing people in the outdoors, and giving them a better appreciation of the surrounding environment, which is an important part of outdoor activities and tourism.

An accurate map, like what Google Maps and GPS provide is incredibly useful for finding one’s bearings, but for getting people into the spirit and feel of a place, illustrated maps can’t be beaten. They’re one of the most useful tools for a first time visitor to any area to have, as it guides people to the places that they want to visit, not by telling them where these places are, but why they’re worth visiting.

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