Illustrated Map Making Tips And Tricks


If you think illustrated map making is only for experts, you are wrong. You don’t have to be good at drawing by hand either because there is a wide variety of online software that can help you complete the task. You can try with as simple as a London City Illustrated Map which focuses on the most well-known landmarks and areas of London. The key is to be accurate but you don’t have to be in scale like regular maps because that is the beauty of illustrated maps. One thing you should not forget though is to add your creativity to make sure that the audience will stay engaged with what you made. This is the main purpose of an illustrated map, to inform and to entertain at the same time.

You can create these map illustrations as a hobby or for your own reference if you are planning to go somewhere you are not familiar with. This is better than commercial maps because you don’t have to be riddled with everything but only focus on landmarks and important places. How do you create your own illustrated map?

First, you have to decide on the area you want to make a map of. For first timers, it is recommended that you create a map of the place you are most familiar with such as the place where you grew up. As you get better, you can try challenging yourself with other complicated areas unknown to you.

Make sure you do your research when creating map illustrations for places you are not familiar with. Remember that the main purpose of a map is to inform the user and help them get to their destination. If your map contains inaccurate information or lacks research, there is a possibility that your map will not be an effective guide to users. You can also use regular road maps are your reference.

Make sure to pinpoint all the important landmarks and work around them. Do not forget about highways, roads, valleys, rivers and mountains among many others. If you are using software to create your London City Illustrated Map, you can use images to enhance your project. Ensure that your map has a legend the user can refer to.

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