How To Use Illustrated Maps To Find Your Way


The illustrated maps or pictorial maps provide a landscape in a more creative and less technical style. These maps are specialties in a way that they draw varied topics of local agricultural products, historical events, or legendary figures. They can depict a wide variety of terrains including a college campus or continent. The maps are specially crafted by proficient illustrators and artists.

The maps picture an area where it appears when viewed from above at an inclined angle.  While regular maps provide a representation of distances in a scale format, illustrated maps emphasize on landmarks and combine various scales in representing a terrain. An illustrator tries to make the site look more identical and highly distinguished. The maps stress out objects and style, so they include several childlike drawings to beautiful landscape graphics. Once finished, they can appear highly accurate and attractive.

When you create an illustrated map, you do it on a drafting table. You will also need pencils and ink to sketch the initial level. Then it is sent for review. Once approved, the pencil and ink images is combined with electronic watercolor as a painting technique. The technique brings the images to life, which are designed in groups and layers. If there are any modifications, it is left open to make it possible. This is often useful as clients may need to update the illustrated maps frequently.

The main objective of these maps is to help find their ways effectively. How this is done is to lay out before the reader an overview of a specific area and furnish them with options to enlarge the features that the reader hopes to emphasize. The approach aims to maintain the real beauty of the illustrated maps, while focusing on real information. You can even improve the maps by using it to emphasize what’s indicated and following in-depth information. This then will help you show the way.

The technology can be elevated using touch screen facilities for information kiosk applications. It may also not sound simpler when you navigate through unknown terrains, which is the aim why there are illustrated maps used in modern times.

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