How To Use Customer Feedback To Your Advantage


Do online reviews affect the decision of a consumer? Yes, indeed because consumers use reviews as part of their online research for a business, product or service. The credibility and quality of a review materially impacts businesses.

At least 89% of consumers consider online sources of product and service reviews as trustworthy and credible but 80% of consumers will easily change their mind about a purchase when they read negative reviews. 85% will likely purchase a product or service if there are additional recommendations online.

However, for some businesses online reviews are the least of their concerns. Some are filled with dread when they think of customer reviews. To ensure that more positive feedback will be received, a business has to undertake a quick DIY audit. If you are consumer, where will you search when you need a product? Will the search involve search engines, blogs, reviews or industry-specific sites?

Glowing reviews mean that a business is headed to the right direction. Consumers in search mode will read the standout reviews and choose outright the product or service that the business offers. When a business receives lukewarm reviews, it indicates that something is wrong. It is likely that strategy, customer service, quality assurance or the product is off. Businesses must pay attention to lukewarm reviews and improve before it is too late.

If there is a large volume of negative reviews, consumers will wonder what is wrong with the business. If the business does not respond effectively to negative reviews, it can negatively impact the business. Fake reviews are also abundant online. It is possible that the competitor is posing as a disgruntled customer.

Consumers are smart in assessing online reviews. They will notice if the business is planting glowing reviews. Normally, a business will get a few negative reviews which mean that the review rating can be trusted.

Online review is a straightforward feedback from present and former employees. There are a few negative reviews that the digital agency responds to in a professional and appropriate manner. They acknowledge the review and try to address the concern in the best way possible. They respond to positive reviews in a grateful and appreciative manner.


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