How To Create Content That Will Resonate With Customers


One of the most popular phrases among digital marketers is “Content is King.” The phrase was made by Bill Gates in 1966 when he said that content is where the real money will be earned on the internet. More than two decades later and the phrase remains true in digital marketing.

Businesses that want to be successful online must prioritize content on their website. Content can attract people and get them more involved. Content marketing is a strategic approach the drives profitability. However, the content calls for clear goals and an in-depth strategy.

Creating content that will be interesting to people is not always straightforward and easy. Content creators have to go beyond researching their audience. They have to pay attention to details to create content that has value. Content must also be relevant and consistent to get more people involved.

In order for content to connect to the audience, it must be relevant with a personal feel and has the power to influence interests, wants, and needs. When people read relevant content, they perceive the brand as reliable.

People want content where they can learn something or feel entertained. When the right content is created, the brand’s relationships with the consumer is enhanced. Brand reputation generates more customers and encourages more sales.

According to king kong sabri suby, content can be turned into an article on a trusted website or into an Instagram or YouTube video. Content can be used in different ways but it should adapt to the platform to have a better chance at gaining the interest of consumers.

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