How To Choose The Most Suitable Roof Tiles For The Home


It makes sense to protect the most important and expensive asset with boral roof tiles in Sydney that are known for longevity and high performance. Boral roofs provide homeowners with design flexibility because there is an extensive range of colours and profiles that will suit any architectural style. The Boral roof tiles are particularly suitable for homes in the coastal regions because it is salt-safe and frost resistant.

Colour and style are important factors when choosing roof tiles but the most important concern is the weight of the tiles and whether the roof is strong enough to support the weight. For example, slate roofs that are made from natural stone are dense and extremely durable but they are also very heavy. Before installing slate tiles on the roof, it is important to determine whether the structure can support the weight. Reinforcement may be required on the roof deck to be able to support the weight of the slate tiles.

Slate tiles are guaranteed to last for about 100 years meaning that they can outlast the building where they were installed in. The tiles are environmentally friendly and can be recycled making it an ideal choice for homeowners. However, slate tiles are expensive and the cost of installation is quite high. If you want something that is more cost effective, your best option is concrete tiles.

Concrete tiles are not as attractive as the slate but they are also durable and long lasting with little to no maintenance requirements. However, it is also important to have a sturdy roof structure to support the weight of concrete tiles.

Another option is clay tiles that are made from baked moulded clay. There is a range of colours available but the most popular is terracotta. The colour of the clay tiles will not peel off or fade because they permanently bonded through the high temperature of the kiln.

Talk to any roof installer and they will recommend boral roof tiles in Sydney because it can enhance the energy efficiency of the home. The terracotta tiles are made from natural clay making them exceptionally strong while remaining relatively cost effective.

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