Guide In Boiler System Maintenance


Before winter season sets in, it is time to perform maintenance on your boiler system to ensure that it will operate seamlessly. If you have basic knowledge of a heating system, you can perform basic maintenance without requiring technical knowledge.

The first thing you can do is inspect the vent along with the chimney of the boiler. These parts are the ones that easily deteriorate therefore it is important to examine these for any leaks. Check if the chimney has broken connections or if there are holes present. Inspect the connection between the boiler and the vent to see if everything is intact. This inspection can be done a number of times annually to make sure that it will not result to bigger problems later on.

The heat exchanger is another thing to check because this is mostly the reason why majority of boiler leaks. The exchanger leaks often thus visual inspection is necessary. During inspection, make sure that every part of the heat exchanger is intact and no minor leaks present. Before and after using the boiler, it is advisable to see if there are small spots of water near it. Presence of water indicates that the heat exchanger needs replacement and it should be done before the leak turns into something major which could result to water damage.

When a boiler system operates, debris and rust could accumulate which can affect the system’s efficiency and at times it could also be the reason for a clog. This is why it is recommended to flush the boiler regularly. To do this, open all the radiator valves as well as convectors to allow the air inside the system. Make sure to have a bucket nearby in case water seeps out. Before flushing, turn the power off along with the water supply. Access the breaker box to cut the power because it is risky to leave it on. Use a garden hose to connect with the boiler’s drain cock and make sure the other end is inside a bucket to catch the debris and water flushing out.

If you are not sure how to do this, visit a professional boiler contractor. You can check them out through their website and ask about the services they offer.

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