Generating Social Proof Through Customer Reviews


Generating social proof is not as easy as creating a highly effective Facebook cover photo, purchasing a banner advertisement, or creating an email campaign where you have 100% control over what is written. To generate social proof, you have to rely on customers’ reviews that will have a positive influence on others.

One of the best ways to generate social proof is to ask your customers to review the product or service or share their experience on social media or online review platforms. The customers that you should target are repeat customers who are happy and satisfied with the product.

When your loyal customers review the products or service, they can provide reliable facts that will influence other people to follow their lead. Using customer reviews in the marketing plan is pretty inexpensive because you don’t have to pay customers to write a review.

However, you cannot expect customers to be on your website every day. Make your brand available on platforms that your customers use on a daily basis like Facebook. If someone on Facebook reviews your business, it is very likely to appear on the newsfeed of the customer’s friends. This can encourage other people who have never heard of your brand to click on your profile.

A digital marketing agency believes that king kong agency reviews are written by customers as well as employees who have had a good experience with the brand. Happy customers are more inclined to leave a favourable review. Ask them directly or provide them with a link where they can write a review.

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