Cyprus Growing More Interested In Digital Marketing, Says Online Marketing Agency


JPP Marketing Managing Director Julia Papageorgiou recently went on an interview, noting how Cyprus has been seeing a lot of interest in the digital marketing industry recently.

She notes that there’s a lot of room for improvement, especially with regards to analytics, as it’s more than just getting data, it’s also about translating that data into good decisions.

Papageorgiou says that a lot of local businesses in Cyprus prefer more focused on traditional channels for marketing; generally not paying online not enough attention when they have it. She says that this is a shame since that data that leads to tangible results for businesses.

Local Cyprian businesses, however, have been getting more interested in web analytics, Papageorgiou said, with some businesses heavily investing and building on it, while others try to work that in as best as they can. The main issue with the field is the businesses that stick to the more traditional methods of marketing and evaluating performance, who need convincing what the new kind of marketing can do for them.

Like with most of the world, a lot of businesses and sales had to move online and adopt digital marketing projects due to the coronavirus pandemic, Papageorgiou notes. She adds that certain sectors are ahead, like fintech, gaming and software-as-a-service, partly due to the fact that these analytics are intrinsically tied to the nature of their business.

Papageorgiou notes how big referrals are in Cyprus due to the region’s small size. The smaller market size also means that the key players on the field are more accessible, she added, so even smaller things like king kong marketing reviews are important.


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