Creative Ways To Cut Down On Courier Costs


Regardless of whether you’re looking to find a local courier in New York or an international courier in NZ, courier costs is something you want to keep on the low end. You could be a small business owner, or just someone sending a gift to a relative abroad, we can agree that saving money is always a good thing.

Here’s some tips to help save on courier costs.

First off, be organised.

Literally the most basic, and straightforward piece of advice ever. Being organised, booking in advance as possible, going for the courier’s economy option instead of express, these things help cut down on costs. On top of all of that, the difference between Express and Economy tends to be somewhere around a day or two.

Size matters

Most couriers charge bigger prices for bigger parcels. Doesn’t matter if it’s an international courier in NZ or your local delivery service; bigger packages mean higher costs. To save up on money, package your item in as small a container as you can, but ensure that the box can handle the size and the weight of whatever it’s carrying.

Trim the fat

Similar to the above point, weight also has an effect on courier costs, which means you’ll want to send a parcel that’s as light as possible. Lightweight materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts are great for this.

Be accurate

Be as precise as possible when it comes to the data regarding your parcel. If the parcel is even the slightest bit bigger or heavier than what you say, then you’ll end up being charged for oversizing, or, worse, have your package rejected outright.

Stop driving to the post

It’s not just the postage costs that hurt your budget, it’s also the fuel you use up getting to the depot or the post office. Avoid wasting both time and fuel by going for courier providers with a door to door service that’ll get them collecting the parcels directly from you.

Mind the additional costs

Always do your research. While you might get an original quote from the courier, fees for compensation, VAT charges, and other similar additional costs might get tacked onto the price. Learn about these things so that they don’t catch you, and your wallet, off guard.

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