Canadian Provinces Teaming Up With North Dakota To Provide Vaccines To Cross-Border Truckers


With people stuck and home and more reliant on the supply chain than ever, the importance of truckers and logistic firms like Titan Transline has become more apparent than ever. However, the nature of their occupation also means these essential workers find it hard to find the time to get vaccinated.

There’s good news for them, however, as leaders from North Dakota, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have signed agreements to offer COVID-19 vaccines to Canada-based cross-border truckers that travel to the US state.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister announced the implementation of the Essential Worker Cross-Border Vaccination Initiative on April 20. A few days later, on April 27, Burgum and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced that they both signed a memorandum of agreement for the vaccination of essential workers that transport goods across the US-Canada border.

North Dakota’s northern border is shared by both Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The initiative is aimed at helping truckers who support economies by transporting important goods and commodities across the US-Canada border. Good news for logistics firms like Titan Transline and cross-border truckers.

Burgum stated that North Dakotans already have access to the vaccine and their supply is more than adequate, so, with Canada dealing with a vaccine shortage, the state’s government wanted to do their part to make sure that essential workers from Canada that regularly travel through their state get inoculated. They added that ensuring that people are vaccinated as soon as possible is essential for public health and the safe reopening of borders.

Government officials will be working with representatives in the trucking industry to identify eligible truckers and schedule appointments during their routine trips to the US over the course of May and June.

North Dakota’s Department of Transportation has a rest area near Drayton which will serve as the initial vaccination site. This site will also be open for North Dakotans aged 16 and up who are looking to get inoculated. The site is along Interstate 29, across the Red River, 31 miles south of the Canadian border.

The North Dakota Department of Health will provide nurses and staff members to administer first and second doses. Truckers who opt for the initiative are required to get both of their shots in North Dakota.


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