Bananas Being Marketed Online To Maintain Its Supremacy In Australia


The Australian Banana Congress in Cairns was recently held earlier in May 2021, with experts in the industry as well as marketers saying that Aussie bananas need to be marketed online in order to stay the most popular fruit in the country.

Rabo Research Food and Agribusiness General Manager Tim Hunt stated that some customer habits were going to back to what they were before the pandemic, some changes were going to stay.

Hunt says that foremost is a boost to online sales, like with the 2003 SARS crisis which also kept people in their homes, and, in turn, shopping online. He added that they saw a five-fold increase in the online sales of food products in Australia, and it’ll be a huge change for the industry.

Hort Innovation Marketing Manager Tate Connolly stated that all the changes to Australia’s digital marketing space meant that they had to make adjustments to keep the banana popular.

To that end, she says, they’re investing in a TikTok channel for Aussie bananas, as well as promoting on the digital marketing space and keeping an eye on digital platforms.

Connolly states that, thanks to the fact that bananas are trending online, the last 3 years saw Aussie banana sales recording good growth numbers.

Advertising and Brand Development Specialist Adam Ferrier also stated that branding and packaging is now more important for bananas than ever.

Ferrier states that customers might say that they don’t want packaging on bananas, which means marketers need to innovate how to reach out and communicate with customers. Marketers like king kong sabri suby may have to make serious adjustments, and those that can’t adapt will likely end up falling behind.

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