Aerial View Map As A Travel Guide For Tourists


Bird’s eye view map or often called aerial view map delivers more than just geographical information; it provides a visitor with a realistic feeling of a certain region or area from the illustrator’s point of view. An example is the bird’s eye view map of Hong Kong that tourism uses as a travel guide with the must-see places, landmarks and great spots.

The major advantage of an aerial view map is its strong visual appeal and message. Potential holiday destinations including places of interest and tour venues are highlighted using realistic and unique graphics.

The illustrated map of Hong Kong serves as a guide to visitors who want to experience the best destinations to the cosmopolitan city. Included in the map are world-class tourism services from transportation, nightlife, restaurants, hotels, theatres and infrastructure. The detailed map helps a Hong Kong visitor experience the best that the city offers.

Another advantage of the aerial view map is the help it provides people to plan their travel. Tourism experts mark maps with messages that will lead a visitor to unique experiences that travellers can include on their must-do list. The range of places included in the maps is wide and extremely useful to first-time visitors.

When planning a trip, you can opt for a hotel that is conveniently located near the airport, near a nature park, near a beach or within walking distance to public transport. You can efficiently plan for the sights to see and the adventures you want to experience by simply looking at the map.  You can click on the selected location, choose the HD version, download it and then save on your mobile device as a navigation tool.

At many tourist destinations, there aerial view maps of smaller size and can be folded to fit on the pocket or purse. Tourism boards also enlarge the map so that it can function as a large informative board.

You can commission an aerial view map of a city, resort or tourist destination with messages that you want included. The map will created using colour palette to give it life. Certain places can be accentuated to make it interesting to visitors.

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