Advantages Of Investing In An Off-Plan Development In Phuket


Properties in Phuket are very attractive options for investors. While not in residence, rental returns can be maximized because of the continuing growth of tourism in Thailand. There will never be a dearth for holidaymakers who will rent a property with a fantastic view of the waters in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

However, making a property investment is not as simple as it seems. The resort destinations of Phuket, Pattaya, KohSamui, Chiang Mai and Bangkok offer many off-plan developments that can be very attractive because you will be investing in the current price. The difference in buying an off plan development vs. a finished project is between 30% and 35%. When the project has been completed, it is very likely for the price to increase.

Some developers require financing for their projects and they need to secure early sales. Buying off plan will allow you to gain discounts from the developer. Developers prefer that majority of the project be sold prior to its completion so that financiers will be more confident in providing them with financing. On the part of the investor, there is always the possibility to invest a reasonably small deposit then commit to staged payments while the construction is in progress so that they will own a dream property in the island paradise. It would be difficult to acquire a property if payment is required in one go.

Profits are easily achievable if the investor selects a property in a good location. Location is very important because most holidaymakers prefer to rent a property that is walking distance to the beach, to restaurants and entertainment. In order to ensure that the investment will be attractive to travelers, it is important to invest in good décor, high end kitchen appliances and spa-like bathrooms. Early buyers can make negotiations with the developer for some extras to the deal.

Amazing returns await investors at Riviera Residences Phuket. The resort and condominium residence is nestled in the peaceful and relaxing environment of a jungle setting where half the site is a nature and adventure eco-park. In the landscaped gardens are eco-friendly spas, restaurants and swimming pools where guests can spend memorable moments.

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