Why You Should Visit Bangkok


There are many reasons to visit the capital city of Thailand such as the affordable value hotel in Bangkok, the delicious seafood and the local culture. Here are the recommended things to do and see for first time visitors and frequent travellers alike.

  • Bangkok has one of the best skylines and everyone can experience it for free. All you have to do is ride the lift of the Banyan Tree Hotel and go to the 61st floor where the Vertigo and Moon bar is located. You can visit even if you are not a guest at the hotel and you are not required to buy drinks from the bar either. This is only one of the very few places where you can get the best view free of charge. It is even more stunning during night-time.
  • If reptiles are your thing, you should check out the Bangkok Snake Farm located at the institute of Red Cross. From there, you will be able to witness the important process they do of extracting venom from the King Cobra. This is done by the experts and the experience alone will leave you in awe.
  • Unlike a few years ago, Thai street food is getting scarce in Sukhumvit road because of the recent mandate of the government. Despair not though because you can still experience authentic Thai street food at the top floor of the shopping mall called Terminal 21. Make sure to avoid the busy lunch time because you will have to fight with the local crowd buying their meals.
  • You will love the night markets in Bangkok especially the Rod Fai located in Ratchada. This is the most visited night market by young locals thus the experience will leave you feeling energetic and vibrant. The hipster theme is quite obvious from the VW vans that have been transformed into bars and food stalls.
  • Witness the amazing train market after leaving your value hotel in Bangkok because the experience is unlike any other. This is in Maeklong market where a train passes by eight times every day for seven days every week. As soon as the train is coming, the vendors quickly evacuate their stalls and come back once the train has passed.
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