Why Prefer Home English Tutor Singapore


Parents need to make up their mind whether to hire a tutor or send them to an enrichment centre. In this article, we’ll try to help Singaporean parents how they can decide, which ones are best to educate the children with the English language. It can affect especially their kids’ education and probably their careers. An English tutor Singapore can provide them with so many benefits that may not seem obvious enough.

Here are the benefits of a home tutor:

  • A home English tutor Singapore can impart their knowledge and techniques that are not adequately taught in normal school hours. The tutor can answer questions that the student may feel embarrassed asking in school.


  • A home tutor can find the weakness of each student, so he can concentrate on these areas, which a regular school teacher cannot determine.

The Benefits of Home Tuition in Comparison to Tuition Centres

One great advantage of having a home tutor is having to handle the student one on one. Here, the weak areas of the child are addressed with attention, so he can cope up with the methods of teaching the English language.

The home tutor will also have less travelling time as the lessons are taught in the child’s home. The amount of travel time will be used to teach the student longer, prepare lessons or resting after a long day in school.

The home tuition schedule can also be done easier compared with tuition centres which have a fixed timetable.

So How Can One Find a Good Tutor?

You may need to approach tuition agencies to find a good English tutor Singapore, which your child will like. Their commissions are earned through the tutor’s first month tuition fees; hence you are not entitled to paying them at all. Usually, the training will take around two hours per week or depending on how long you want your child to learn the English language. The tutor will provide your child all the training and skills needed to learn it.

Once you’re ready with all the requirements, the agency will provide you a shortlist of tutors in their database, who can readily carry out the task. You may find the English tutor easier than those teaching complicated subjects like Mathematics.

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