Why People Need Braces


Braces are a great tool for orthodontic care, utilized by people at Affordable Dental Solutions Limerick and other places to ensure that their patients have straighter teeth. But that’s not the only reason that people get braces. Braces have different functions and can be used to deal with a number of problems, with cosmetic issues being only a few of them.

If you’re looking about getting braces, consider the reasons for doing so.

Straightening crooked teeth

Crooked teeth aren’t necessarily a dental issue, and some people are perfectly fine with crooked teeth. Of course, this is the first thing that people think about when getting braces; straightening crooked teeth. All braces, whether they’re Invisalign or traditional metal brackets, will shift your teeth into the straightest alignment that it can

While crooked teeth can be fine, straight teeth are actually easier to clean and maintain. Gaps and misalignments in teeth leave openings for food and bacteria to reside in, which, in turn, can lead to severe dental issues down the road.

On top of that, straighter teeth are also more efficient when it comes to chewing and grinding, as well as less headaches, jaw-aches, and other issues. However, this is the least of all the reasons for getting braces, as there are genuine health issues that braces are needed for.

Dealing with overbite or underbite

Overbite is when the upper jaw of your mouth is too far in front of the lower jaw, which you can see when you bite down. Underbite, naturally, is the opposite. Both of these issues bring their own host of problems, as they lead to uneven stress in the teeth and jaw, which can result in jaw aches, and teeth problems.

Traditional wire and bracket braces are the ones assigned for such cases, along with rubber bands that loop from the lower jaw’s upper portions, in order to avoid the health issues that can arise from having an overbite or underbite.

Making sure bites are proper

If the top set of teeth are narrower than the bottom, then this can make it hard to properly chew food, and is one of the many reasons why people grind or clench their teeth. An arch that is narrower than the other means your teeth don’t actually set up and align properly, which is why braces, particularly spacers and expanders, are used. They get both arches to line up, allowing for the teeth to properly align themselves once they’re in the right spot.

It’s not the biggest reason for getting braces, but it is one of the most common ones.

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