Why Motorcycles Are Safer Than Cars


What most people fear about motorcycles is the lack of shelter makes them exposed to danger. Over the years, people have grown fearful of motorcycles and this fear mostly stem from rumours and reports and not actual experience. Yes, it is true that what could be a dent in a car could prove fatal to a motorcyclist and during a crash a motorcyclist would likely come off worse than a car driver. But regardless of that, motorcycles are actually much safer than cars. If you think otherwise, well, you should consider the fact that the likelihood for accidents actually depends on the people involved. It is true that cars offer more protection but motorcycles are safer because they offer more options. What use is shelter and protection if the driver is prone to accidents due to his or her own carelessness? If the driver is less likely to get involved in an accident, then motorcycles would definitely be much safer. You should understand that it is fate and most often carelessness that cause accidents to happen.

Young motorcyclists are more at risk as they are yet to develop risk awareness. The impulses of youth make them act carelessly but if you are an experienced adult, you’d find motorcycles the better choice. Bear in mind that there are also riders that have been using motorcycles for decades and decades who are still alive today.

Motorcycles are safer because they allow the rider to see more. A rider’s view wouldn’t be limited as to what a car can allow. And when riders see more, they will also be able to spot signs of danger which would enable them to avoid getting in difficult and life threatening situations.

Size also makes the motorcycle much safer because when you are smaller, you tend to evade more. Motorcycles’ smaller size would allow riders to squeeze through safer places and avoid danger.

Motorcycles’ inexpensiveness could allow more improvements to be made as Suzuki motorcycle parts are no doubt less expensive compared to car parts. These improvements could ultimately enhance the motorcycle’s performance and increase the safety of riders.

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