Why Choose A PADI Instructor Course In Thailand


Being a PADI instructor is more than just scuba education. The PADI or Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the leading training organization of scuba divers in the world. The system of education of PADI is a progressive training program which introduces information on safety, skills, and knowledge of the local environment to the student divers.

Choosing a PADI instructor course in Thailand is beneficial because it is student-centred which provides realistic application and maximum practice. PADI instructors ensure diving adventures and underwater exploration are carried out with the highest standards of diver training, customer service, and safety.

The elements of PADI’s philosophy of the dive lifestyle are the following:

  1. Education – Aside from learning scuba diving, you can expand your diving capabilities through the process of continuing education. PADI has a wide range of diving courses that introduces new underwater programs to help you in your career move of becoming a PADI instructor.
  2. Experience – PADI dive centers offer various dive experiences. You can have local tours to foreign dive travels. You can be an affiliate with any PADI dive shop or resort that allows you to explore different dive sites and visit other vacation destinations in the world.
  3. Equipment – Scuba gears are essential to make diving possible. All local PADI Resorts are equipped with gadgets and scuba equipment for your use.
  4. Environmental conservation – Divers are good advocates in protecting the water resources and marine life. PADI courses are geared toward learning how to protect fragile marine ecosystems and how the students are involved in global and local conservation programs.

How to become a certified diver?

  1. Knowledge development – this is designed for divers to learn at their own pace for convenience. You can complete the course online or at any PADI dive center.
  2. Confined water diving – practice and develop scuba diving skills in pools or pool-like waters under the direct supervision of a professional instructor. While learning new skills, you can develop your skills and confidence to dive in open waters such as lakes and oceans.
  3. Diving in open waters – experience what you learned to dive in open waters and once your training dives in open waters are approved by the instructor, your certification as PADI diver will be given to you.

Being a certified PADI diver is essential for you to be able to officially conduct diving training courses to student divers.



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