What Type Of Commercial Security System Is Best For The Business?


The first line of defense against thieves is the installation of commercial security systems that will provide the necessary protection for the business assets that include inventory, equipment and data. However, when selecting a security system, it is important to ask all the right questions before making an informed decision.

The type and features of a security alarm system varies according to the kind of business being protected. A reliable security system provider will make the effort to perform an onsite survey before recommending a security system. For example, a jewelry store that has high value inventory requires a different type of security system compared to a food retail store.

Providers of security alarm systems have a centralized monitoring center that can efficiently coordinate a response when the alarm has been triggered. It is important to inquire how the business will be connected to the central monitoring center. You certainly do not want the security system to be connected to the main phone line because this is one the first things that burglars will deactivate.

It is common for security alarm systems to be connected at the doors; but how about the windows? There are many instances when the security system overlooks the vulnerability of windows making them the favorite entry point of burglars.

There are also systems that can transmit information to a mobile phone aside from the center monitoring center. If a video can be sent to the business owner when the alarm has been triggered, he can easily identify the culprit whether it is just an employee who tripped on the alarm by mistake. If the mobile phone is used, is there a need for Wi-Fi connection? If there will be response to the alarm, who will respond to the alarm and how fast will the response be?

Business owners must determine the costs of commercial security systems including additional fees for monitoring. It is also important to ask whether the system can be upgraded in the future and how much will be the cost of upgrading. How much will it cost for pass codes to be updated or changed in case an employee resigns?

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