What To Bring For Liveaboard Diving


If you have never tried Thailand liveaboard diving before, you might have no idea what to bring or prepare before the trip. Your scuba diving experience will never be complete without trying a liveaboard. Prior to the trip, make sure to have a checklist at hand to see if all the things you will need are already packed. Here is what you will need and must remember:

  • A liveaboard vacation means that you will be on the boat most of the time. There is no need to pack so much clothing if you know you are not going anywhere else aside from the boat. The only clothes you need to pack are the ones you will use traveling to and from the boat. Other than that, you can simply pack swimwear or light clothing you mostly used while enjoying the sun. There is no need to worry about getting your clothes wet because you can easily hang it and leave to dry to be used again.
  • For women, if you are going to be on the water most of the time, it is no use packing make-ups except for the necessary feminine hygiene products. You might be surprised that not every boat carried these products if you run out of it. Also, it is recommended to bring a sarong on board because it has various uses from a headscarf to a skirt.
  • There is no need to pack towels when going on a liveaboard because comes with the room accommodation on board. Towels consume a lot of space inside the luggage therefore it is not recommended due to its bulkiness.
  • For the footwear, it is time to ditch the sneakers or shoes you love because you need flip flops for the trip. You can wear shoes while traveling but pack a pair of slippers to change into once you get on the boat.
  • Electronics are essential for the trip. Do not forget when going to Thailand liveaboard diving to bring your smartphone along with a charger, power adapter and hea You can also bring your favourite camera to take underwater photos while diving.
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