Watching Live At A Stadium Vs. Watching The Game At A Sports Bar


Unless it is a monumental game, going to the sports bar in Gymea is a far better option than the stadium. Some sports fanatics may not agree but ask yourself whether it is worth the excitement to pay the high fee charged for parking space. If you have a courtside view of the basketball game, it certainly does not compare with a sports bar. However, when it comes to football, the sports bar is certainly a lot better.

Why will you watch a football game from the large TV screens of a bar? In the stadium, you won’t be able to see all the intricacies of the game. On TV, you get instant replays and slow motion so that you will know everything that is happening. Let the TV networks do the work so that you do not have to figure out what is happening in the game.

Beer selection at sporting events is limited. Since everybody has the right to choose, a fully-stocked bar is a lot better than lukewarm light beer in a plastic cup. Some stadiums have tried to improve the options but nothing beats the drinks served at the sports bar. Food at the bar has variety and quality, something that cannot be said with stadium food.

There is nothing more frustrating than watching your favourite team getting massacred. You have nowhere to focus your attention. At the sports bar, you can forget about your disappointment by watching a different game on another screen. Many sports bars nowadays have many screens where different games play simultaneously.

Sports bars are quite casual. You can mingle with strangers, share a joke or two and laugh at a story. People take the game seriously but they easily drown the disappointment with a few bottles of beer. The level of heckling at the bar won’t start a riot.

At the sports bar in Gymea, you can choose from 17 different giant screens showing continuous sports. There is pizza from Leone or a full meal from Willow that you can enjoy while watching the favourite game. The lounges are comfortable with all the latest in technology.

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