Want A Beautiful And More Functional Bathroom? Try These Bathroom Renovation Tips


Bathroom renovation is no easy task. However, there will always come a time where you have to renovate your bathroom not only to enhance its appearance and updating it to match current styles and trends, but also to make it more functional. Functionality should always be the number one priority when renovating a bathroom.

It would really help to come up with a foolproof plan and design that would address all of your needs. Consider hiring skilled labourers because bathroom renovation can get very physical plus the fact that you are also dealing with complicated plumbing and electrical wiring.

If you want a beautiful and more functional bathroom after the renovation, try these bathroom renovation tips.

  1. Go for aesthetically pleasing fixtures. Double vanity units are highly recommended for couples that would share a bathroom together. But don’t just choose a double vanity unit. Choose an aesthetically pleasing vanity unit. While functionality is your priority, it would be better to go with something that would be good to look at as well.
  2. Try the fixtures before you buy them. When buying a toilet or a tub, make sure that you try them first and sit so that you could get a feel on them. Make sure you are comfortable using them. It would also help if you wait for these fixtures to arrive before you begin renovating.
  3. Consider durability for the flooring. You would want flooring that would last and going for durable tiles can surely help with that.
  4. Consider a mirror. A mirror over a sink completes the look of every bathroom.
  5. Consider an open shower area. Because open shower areas are more convenient as you wouldn’t have to bother with shower curtains or doors. Also, it is a lot less confining.
  6. Update your lighting. Lighting sets the ambiance for the bathroom and updating them would truly make your renovation more satisfying.
  7. Incorporate luxury. If you have the budget and the space, why not incorporate a little luxury and indulge yourself with a little spa-like bathroom fit for a king? Remember, you would want to please yourself first before others.
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