How To Be A Waitress In American Restaurants Singapore


Being a waitress in American restaurants in Singapore is not that difficult. However, you can have several competitors for the position and if you do not possess the right requirements, you may find it hard to get a job at the restaurant industry. To ensure that you will become a staff in a popular American restaurant, take a look at these tips:

Submit your resume online

There are several ways to apply for a job in the restaurant industry but the most effective and modern way of submitting application interest is through the internet. Online applications are paperless and you will not spend anything on transportation. There are numerous job search sites where you can forward your resume or you can also submit at the website of the American restaurants in Singapore. Look for the career tab of the restaurant’s website to view the job opportunities available.

Be prompt on job interviews

Being on time during your scheduled interview says so much about you. It shows how professional you are and how you value time; two attributes that are important for those who work in the restaurant industry. A little delay in food delivery can disappoint or irritate customers which is why managers prefer workers and applicants who recognize the importance of time in restaurant operation.

Dress properly

To strike a positive impression on your interviewer, make sure to dress appropriately and decently. Aside from arriving on time or even ahead of time, make it a point to appear personable with hair properly tucked for a neater and professional appearance. Iron your clothes and make sure that it is washed for an overall pleasing appearance.

Ace the interview

You do not have to have a degree in order to get a job at American restaurants in Singapore. You just need to be able to communicate the English language as a minimum and know the basics in computer for electronic order entries. You also need to be friendly and attentive in handling customers and of course, you have to be effective. It would also be an advantage if you have relevant certificates to show.

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