Veteran-Owned Junk Removal Company Expands To The Auburn-Opelika Area


Undoubtedly, the junk hauling Orange County and a lot of junk hauling industries around the world are very important and a lot of communities are needing them even more.

Therefore, just recently, the JDog Junk Removal and Hauling company has widened their scope to the Auburn-Opelika area in order to make their services available to a wider range of people. This expansion was made possible by Nick Bain and Ryan Struck who are both military veterans. For around fifteen year, Brain has served as a medical laboratory technician and has been part of the Reserves for the past three years. Ryan Struck on the other hand was doing active duty.

Venturing Business Together

And thus after they have ended their service, the two have decided to put up a business together. According to Bain, they were spotting for a business opportunity wherein they could achieve the same satisfaction of actually serving the community just like how they were oriented back in the military. Hence, when they have stumbled upon JDog, which was established back in 2011 by Jerry Flanagan who was also a military veteran, they thought that that would actually be a great opportunity. Furthermore, they have also found out that the said company was sold to veterans and their families.

Embodiment of the Core Values of the Military

What made them so interested about the business was how it was anchored to the military values of respect, integrity, and trust. Therefore, as a result of their fruitful collaboration, they were able to open their first franchise in Columbus which they later on expanded to the Phoenix City. Furthermore, as stated, they have also expanded to the Auburn-Opelika area and LaGrange just recently.

Despite their expansion, the two could not deny that sometimes their growth was really slow most especially that they give more emphasis on word-of-mouth advertising.

Nevertheless, they do quality labor services, residential junk removal, yard cleaning, and moving of things among others just like the junk hauling Orange County. And thus, with the service they render and the values they uphold, they are confident that their customers would not make a mistake of making them the junk hauling company of their choice.


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