Useful Magnet Tips And Tricks


Magnets are useful little things, aren’t they? They hold notes on the fridge, let compasses tell you where north is, and other useful applications. If you’re shopping for magnets in Brisbane you’ll want to keep in mind the more creative uses for them. To that end, here’s some ideas for you.

Extracting batteries.

Everyone’s got something that needs batteries, there’s no denying that. Some of them are well-designed, some, not so much. If they’re the latter, then odds are when you try to take the batteries out, it’ll get stuck inside, and, given how snug these things are, you’ll have a hard time getting them out. Rather than risk puncturing the batteries by using something pointy, just use a strong magnet to pull them out. Really useful for those toys that need four batteries.

Finding studs in the walls.

If you’re worried about marking walls while you’re looking for nails and screws under the paint, go shopping for magnets in Brisbane or wherever it is you are; they can do the job quite nicely. Just move the magnet over the wall until you find something, then just leave it there until you need to start drilling.

Making a homopolar motor

The simplest kind of motor, the homopolar motor. Fun little thing that can go up to 10,000 RpM, and is currently being considered as a way to create an engine that can handle high-power applications without all the noise. Ok, back to the important bit, you can make a simple homopolar motor with nothing but a wire, a battery and a screw. All you need to do is attach the magnet to the bottom of the battery cell and then stick the tip of the screw there, and there you go.

Make a fridge pen.

Fridge notes are extremely common, to the point that a fridge sort of feels incomplete without one. Well, if you want to keep a pen handy for your fridge, you can slip a small magnet between the metal clip on it, then stick that into your fridge. It’ll help keep the pen handy for those notes; after all, it’s hard to miss something stuck to your fridge.

Put your laptop to sleep.

A lot of laptops have a magnetic switch that tells it to go to sleep when you close the lid; magnetic being the operative word here. You can fool some of the older models into going to sleep with their lid up by running a magnet over the right side of their lid. A good prank, just be careful not to go anywhere near the hard drive.

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