Transporting Bulky And Heavy Equipment Through Flatbed Trucking


Since not all shipments can fit into a traditional dry van trailer, Titan Transline offers flatbed trucking according to the specialized transport needs. A flatbed truck is a kind of truck with unique bodywork and has no sides and roof. The distinctive feature of the flatbed truck makes it a better option to transport large manufacturing components, building materials and oil and gas machinery.

Flatbed trucks have no sides and roof and has a much larger area for bed storage that offers many benefits to logistics and trucking providers. Loading and unloading freight in flatbed trucks is a smoother experience compared to their pick-up and box truck counterparts.

Loading and unloading can be efficiently done through a crane from any direction. Time is saved and operational efficiency is created in the supply chain which is very crucial to all those involved in the trucking industry.

Increased storage space means being able to fit as much cargo as possible to avoid multiple hauling trips. Aside from time savings, there will less fuel consumption on the road. Flatbed trucks are a popular choice in the construction industry for large equipment and building materials that have to be transported on time. Heavy duty tasks like moving crates of scrap metals or a bulky and heavy farm tractor can be easily accomplished on a flatbed truck.

There are different types of flatbed trailers each with their unique functions. The open deck trailer is the most common and used mainly for transporting industrial commodities. It also be used in pallet delivery or moving home furniture.

The extendable flatbed stretch trailer is used mainly for large heavy and wide freights like lumber that cannot be accommodated in traditional flatbed trailers. Meanwhile, the removable goose neck trailer is shaped differently. The front part is removable and allows a ramp to drop down so that the equipment can driven onto the front.

A fleet of specialty equipment is maintained by Titan Transline for your cargo requirements. Heavy equipment like forklifts and cranes can be transported through detachable double-drop RGNs. All the state-by-state regulations like per-axle limits and required indicators like lights, flags and escorts will handled by an expert team.

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