Tourist Attraction In Pattaya Close To The Popular Beach Resort


Pattaya is a beautiful city famous for its pristine beaches lined with coconut palms. The city has a host of tourist attractions and party hot spots that attract tourists from all around the world. Tourists to the city have a lot of options when it comes to choosing their accommodation.

I prefer to stay in the finest 4 star resort in Pattaya that is located close to the beautiful Pattaya beach. The beach is just 15 minutes from the resort. The 3 kilometre long beach has a range of water sport facilities like windsailing, banana boating, jet-skiing, kiteboarding and parasailing. The stalls along the beach selling authentic Thai delicacies, snacks and drinks are not to be missed.

Another popular attraction close to the luxurious 4 star resort in Pattaya is the beach road. The beach road runs parallel to the Pattaya beach and has a number of shopping options, restaurants, street side food stalls and party venues. The picturesque beach road has Pattaya bay to one side and countless number of shopping malls, restaurants and food stalls to the other. Strolling along the beach road is a memorable experience.

The world famous Cartoon network Amazone Water Park is just 15 minutes away from the resort. The Water Park boasts of a range of fun activities and rides to engage everyone in the family. The high-speed roller coaster rides, entertaining cartoon characters and the numerous dining options make this a must visit attraction in Pattaya.

The popular 4 star resort in Pattaya is also quite close to the floating market. The floating market is a perfect place to get a glimpse of the Thai culture. The biggest floating market in Thailand has a vast selection of shopping items from the four regions of the country. Some of the famous items available in the market are Thai silk, silverware, wooden sculptures and handicrafts. All these articles are available at reasonable prices when compared to the glitzy malls in the city. I purchased a lot of items as souvenirs for my family and friends back home.

The important reason I chose to stay in the beautiful 4 star resort in Pattaya is its proximity to many of the tourist attractions like the Kaan show, Walking street, Central Festival Pattaya, Ripley’s believe it or not Museum, Easy kart Pattaya, art in paradise and many more.

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