Tips When Organizing A Big Conference Event


Organizing a conference can be pretty daunting that is why you need the skills and experience of conference event management that can make the process simpler and more organized. Even the most popular conferences make sure that there is an events manager to manage the event from inception to completion.

Guide for conference planning

  • Before you plan an event, there must be a vision that you want to transform to reality. This will allow to you to measure costs vs. results so that you easily reach an informed planning decision. You have to start with the basics like who, what, when, where, how and why.
  • It is important to choose at least 3 dates so that you can compare availability and prices. You can also allocate different days of the week for flexibility. Take note that venues usually charge more during weekends compared to weekdays.
  • Be realistic when considering attendance. Discuss in advance who will be invited and put the projections together in a spreadsheet. Your budget will be directly correlated to attendance as well as the size of the venue. Never make a haphazard guess on the number of people who will be attending.
  • How much space will you need? This will depend on whether you will be hosting a dinner and if there is a need for exhibition space and additional breakout rooms. Plan a mock itinerary with your events planner, share ideas and discuss the best plan of action.
  • Before you plan a budget, it is important to determine the costs of the venue and catering. To determine venue costs, ask how much they charge per attendance. Are there sponsors who can help offset costs? Will exhibitors be willing to pay in order to participate?
  • How will you market the event in order to attract sponsors and exhibitors? Marketing campaigns can cost money and it might impact on the revenue you are expecting.

In order to eliminate issues in event planning, your best option is conference event management that will provide personalized service and attention to detail that will exceed all your expectations. Conferences can add value to your organization but it must be managed properly.

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