Tips To Select The Right Riding Jacket


A jacket is an essential riding gear for bikers. The jacket offers protection, visibility and also enhances the stylish look of the biker. However, with the range of options available, bikers are spoilt of choice while shopping for riding jackets.

Most of the new buyers are confused, where to shop for the jackets, helmets and other riding gear. Reputed motorcycle dealerships stock the best motorcycle clothing and riding gear brands. Bike buyers can shop for the accessories and riding gear at the dealerships and avail good benefits.

Fit and functionality are the two important factors to look for, in a jacket. The jacket should fit snugly and should not restrict the movement of the biker. It should be strong, durable, anti-abrasive and impact resistant. They should look for CE or AS tags on the jackets, which ensure that the jackets are tested for impact resistance.

Here is a helpful checklist to help new bikers to select the right jacket to suit their requirements.

  1. The sleeves of the jacket should be of the correct length, they should not crawl up in the riding position.
  2. The jacket should be of the right length so that it covers the riders back completely.
  3. The jacket should fit well but it should have enough room to move the shoulders and chest. It should not restrict the movements of these parts.
  4. Bikers should ideally pick up a jacket with a number of pockets as it provides additional storage space. The pockets should be safely secured to prevent items spilling and falling down while riding.
  5. Wearing a jacket in hot and humid conditions may be uncomfortable. Bikers should invest in a jacket with a number of zipper vents that can be opened to improve the ventilation.
  6. The jacket should have strong and sturdy zippers, which can be easily pulled up and down.
  7. The jacket is a riding gear that should offer protection to the biker. The jacket should be thick with extra layers of padding for improved protection.
  8. The jacket should provide enough room inside to insert motorcycle body armour or air bag vests, whenever required.
  9. Reflective coating is a must. Reflective coating improves the visibility and helps to avoid accidents.

Bikers can visit the dealerships and shops that sell best motorcycle clothing brands, to try different jackets before finalizing the most comfortable and stylish jacket that offers optimum protection.

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