Tips On How To Safely Start With Diving


People who have never tried scuba diving may not understand how appealing the sport is. It looks scary to be underwater playing with fishes and exploring the reefs. People love diving because of the thrill and excitement of being able to overcome unexpected circumstances. Before you go to popular diving destinations to try the underwater sport, make sure that you are properly trained by a professional.

You can safely learn to dive by enrolling for a beginner course that is usually undertaken on the shallow parts of the water. Training can also be held in a swimming pool where there are no big waves and the water is not too deep.

However, before you decide to learn how to dive, it is important to seek the professional advice of a medical practitioner. You have to be in good health with strong lungs, ears and heart because the body has to withstand the strong pressure of the underwater environment. In some diving sites, you may be required to present a medical certificate of health and fitness before being allowed to try the water sport.

When you begin your diving lessons, you are not required to buy everything. There are sites that rent out diving clothes and equipment but as you gradually learn to love the sport, it is suggested to buy your own diving gear so that you won’t have to use a wetsuit that was worn by other beginners.

There are many incentives that can encourage you to learn diving. You can enjoy the sport with friends who share the same passion for the waters. You can join them in diving trips to some excellent holiday destinations that have gained a reputation for offering spectacular diving sites. You don’t even need to be too adventurous; you can simply interact with fishes and other underwater inhabitants. There is no need to go further than 5 meters to enjoy the sport.

You can go diving in Similan islands, one the best diving destinations of the world. The diving season starts from middle to late October and ends in early May. Diving is fairly relaxed with weak and moderate currents.


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