Tips On Managing Wedding Catering On A Budget


It is possible to save a lot of money despite hiring a Sydney wedding catering company because there are many ways to do so. In this article, future husband and wife will learn how to manage their reception catering to suit their budget without compromising on their special day.

  • This tip is intended for couples who are willing to moderate their bar but if cocktails are you number one priority then you may skip this on the list. If not, you can choose to limit the cost by serving only wine, beer and champagne or even sparkling wine. This means letting go of all the hard drinks as an option. You can also add a single cocktail recipe which will serve as your signature drink. There are ways to play things up without spending a lot on a fully stocked bar.
  • Once the guests had their fill with the drinks and hors d’oeuvres upon arrival, they will be satisfied with a two or three-course meal. Keep in mind that average diners do not even order that much food when dining out. You can always reject the caterer’s suggestion for an expensive course which might not be necessary.
  • During the cocktail hour, limit the options for hors d’oeuvres to only three. This will be enough for the guests to pass the time as they wait for the reception to start. Serving too much at an early point during the party might only add unnecessary expenses.
  • There is no need to serve passed appetizers. Majority of the time, guests prefer to help themselves rather than wait for a server to come by their table for the cheese plates or colourful fruits.
  • You can choose basic menu that will also satisfy the taste buds of the guests. There is no need to add expensive options such as filet mignon and lobster. If you want something extravagant, this can be added as a special ingredient for the hors d’oeuvre.
  • You can install one or two stations within the reception hall to supplement the food. You can talk with your Sydney wedding catering company if they can provide a sushi station or a create-your-own grilled cheese counter.
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