Tips on Finding a Good Restaurant While Travelling


While travelling, cooking for oneself might not be the best way to go that is why most people look for a good restaurant to eat at. However, one of the biggest challenges one can ever meet while travelling is finding a good restaurant. It doesn’t help either how eating is probably the first thing to come into your mind after arriving at a certain place and checking into a hotel.

You can deny yourself all the sights you plan to see during your trip but what you cannot deny is the need to feed. You can postpone all your plans for the whole afternoon but you can never suppress hunger. Hunger is probably one of the most compelling things to happen to the physical body.

Let this article guide you through finding a good restaurant to eat while travelling a foreign place.

  1. Leave your room. The first thing to do to find a good restaurant is to actually leave your hotel room and stroll around. Try to explore around the area and if it’s possible, try to get lost.
  2. Do not rely on technology. Remember that good restaurant you read about in the Internet? Chances are the wonderful and colorful reviews it got are fixed by sponsors. You can never rely on technology when it comes to eating. You would have to exert true physical force and you can do that through walking around the city and getting familiar with the environment. You can stop and look around or might even grab a bite or two.
  3. Sometimes your preferences don’t matter. You might want to go to an Indian restaurant Perth but you should also think about your location and what the locals are eating. Try to eat and drink what the locals are eating and drinking. After that, stroll some more and try to discover more restaurants.
  4. Talk with local experts. Local experts can be defined as those who are well acquainted with a certain place and people who know where the best places to eat are located. Most often, these local experts are in the form of everyday street people such as cab drivers, local cops and even hookers.
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