Tips For Novice Plasterers


Mastering a skill takes time and patience and when it comes to home building, one of the hardest to master is plastering. Professionals in the field who are able to get a perfect finish are plasterers in Sydney who have been working for many years and filled with various experiences. As with any skill, time is essential as you learn the ins and outs of the plastering. Here are a few tips dedicated to novice plasterers from the experts.

Preparation is necessary before doing the plaster. Problems are usually encountered by plasterers if they do not allot enough time to prepare the surface. To get a smooth and lasting finish, cleaning the surface is necessary. It must be free from crumbly debris, dirt and dust that could mix with the plaster. To effectively clean a surface, wash it with water and brush. After which, you can apply the primer which is basically a combination of water and PVA glue. The first coat is intended to be the plaster’s foundation. It acts as a sound barrier as well as sealant for wall surfaces that easily absorbs moisture. If you do not apply primer, the plaster will eventually dry out and cracks could appear. If the wall easily absorbs moisture, it will make the new plaster brittle and eventually becomes powdery. A second coat should be added right before the application of the plaster. This will act as a bonding surface and will help in easier application that will leave the coating to adhere to the wall.

All throughout the process, cleanliness should be observed from the walls, the tools used and the water. Any amount of contamination will affect the finish of the plaster. Make sure that the wall is free from debris of the old plaster which could leave a mark in your smooth wall.

Lastly, you do not have to polish some more if you see that your wall is already flat and smooth from the freshly applied plaster. Problems usually occur if the plasterers in Sydney can’t help themselves and tried to do some more polishing. The rule of thumb is that if the plaster surface is as smooth as an egg shell then you are good to go.

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