Tips For Effective Websites


Being on the website is a necessity for businesses now, with some feeling such pressure to be on the web, that they launch something that is far from being a great site, to say in pleasant terms. Thinking about what you put into your site is important, as it defines your company’s presence on the internet.

Here’s some tips to help the brainstorming process.

Decide on a purpose and act on it.

One of the biggest aspects of a great site is a clear goal;  a purpose that the site was built around. What do you want from the site? Do you want it to just present a quick overview of your company, do you want it to present bids and manager customer accounts? Or something else, something important. Decide as soon as possible, as the more you know about what you want to do, the better the website design can be directed towards that goal.

Understand that the internet is a community

Just like how a building is part of a neighborhood, a website is part of a community. Just putting up a site doesn’t guarantee it’ll get traffic; you need to generate interest in it with things like pay-per-click advertising, radio spots and the like. Will you have a blog that you update regularly with up-to-date content? How will you and your site handle customer feedback and input from the community.

Make sure the site reflects well on you

Your site should say what you want it to say about you; personal stuff is a no-no, ugly sites with unappealing design is not good, and pure aesthetic design with no functionality and content is just a straight-up waste. What work you would put into an actual project should be the same amount you put into your site, nothing less.

Consider things from your customer’s perspective

It’s all well and good to appreciate you and your business, but think about your customers. Your site is the place to connect to them; design your site not as a proud owner, but as a customer looking for a solution, or someone that provide that solution. Your customer has wants and needs, and your company’s job is cater to that in a way that they can understand; it has to make communicating and transacting with you simple and convenient, while being educating, then you’ve got it right.

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