Tips For Buying Premiere League Tickets


Doesn’t matter if the venue is the largest football stadium in the world or not, seeing football game is important to fans, borderline sacrosanct; almost a religious experience. If you’re visiting the UK or have been staying there for a while now, watching a football game live is one of the best things to do.

Of course, that popularity also means that getting tickets aren’t really as straightforward as you might think. That being said, tickets
are available to the general public, it just requires a few more loops to go through.

Here’s some tips to help you out.

Sign up for the team member base

If you’re a fan of a particular team, and most people are, signing up for a basic team membership is a good idea. On top of the usual perks, you’ll also get priority access to tickets about 4-8 weeks before match day. Of course, this costs money, depending on the club, with the big clubs (Arsenal, Liverpool, Man United, etc.) charging about £20-40 for membership. Take note, however, that there’s a waiting period after gaining membership before you can buy tickets.

Buy from a trusted reseller

A lot of the major clubs have partnerships with authorized resellers, or their own ticket exchange program that lets season ticket holders sell tickets for games they can’t get to. This a good way to get tickets, but they’re sold at a premium, so its an option for those with a bit of extra funds to work with. That being said, there’s the guarantee that the tickets are the genuine article, compared buying from third parties.

Buy on match-day

A risky tactic, but it can be worthwhile, particularly for clubs with bigger stadiums like Arsenal. See, not everyone can make it on the scheduled match day, either because something popped up or they got sick. As a result, tickets are sometimes sold on the venue. You don’t need the largest football stadium in the world , bigger stadiums are more prone to this thanks to having more people buy tickets. There are authorized channels for this, but it’s fairly common for people with spare tickets to hang around the stadium. Make sure you buy your tickets from people with their own tickets; people who are actually going to watch the game.

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