Things Your Opticians Wish You Knew


Opticians do a much needed service for people. I mean, sure, they get into our personal space, but considering how useful our eyes are, it’s definitely worth struggling through having someone look at our eyeballs.

Doesn’t matter where they are, opticians in Jannali and across the world want to tell us things that’ll help us keep our eyes safe, and them from having to deal so much with our eye problems. Here’s a few of them

Make-up on the move is a no-no

A lot of people, busy people, tend to apply mascara or eye liner during their commute. That’s not such a good idea, as a single bump on the road or a sharp brake and the front surface of their eyes, the cornea, could be jeopardized. A scratch is not only painful, it can also cause infection.

They don’t mind helping you with your contacts for hours.

Contact lenses are simple and comfortable for a lot of people. Some, however, just have a natural aversion to putting anything near their precious eyeballs, which is understandable. However, opticians in Jannali and across the world are used to coaching patients and helping them get the hang of their contacts, so people shouldn’t be afraid to ask for further assistance.

Water is your best friend

This shouldn’t really go without saying; drink a lot of water. The human body is mostly made up of the stuff, hence why it’s recommended to get at least 8 glasses daily. For eyes, they help keep your eyeballs healthy, and stop them from getting dry, which is uncomfortable and irritating.

Ditch the old stuff

Old mascara can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which greatly ups your chances of getting eye infections. As such, you want to replace it regularly.

They won’t pretend frames suit you if they don’t

Picking frames can be, daunting, to say the least. Making the choice on something you wear on your face, something so personal, is something people carefully consider. Opticians will always offer advice and give their honest opinion if frames don’t match you. They might not say it in a blunt manner, but they’ll let you know.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing prescribed glasses all the time

It’s a common myth that wearing prescription glasses all the time make people’s eyesight worse. It’s a misconception, as they’re designed and prescribed specifically to help reduce eye-strain and let your eyes work better.

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