Things To Know When Booking A Hotel In Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the world’s most popular tourist destination, with lots of things to attract you. Whether it’s the street food, the fashion, the accommodation, or the more traditional temples and monuments, you’ll find something to make your stay there memorable.

But, of course, if you want to stay there, you’ll want to find someplace to stay in. A convenient hotel in Sukhumvit, perhaps? Shouldn’t be too hard to find accommodations, right? Nope. Some places aren’t tourist-friendly, and some are just not convenient to stay in.

Here’s some tips to help you find the best place to stay in.

Pick someplace close to either the BTS or MRT

Bangkok’s roads are notoriously congested, and I’m pretty sure no one enjoys getting stuck in a traffic jam. To stay away from the congested streets, there’s the underground transit (MRT), and the skytrain (BTS). So it goes without saying that, if you’re going to try and book a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit or anywhere in the capital, you want it to be near an MRT or a BTS station.

If needed, pick a hotel with directions in Thai

Not all of Bangkok is accustomed to English-speaking foreigners; in areas were tourists aren’t as common, you’ll need passable language of Thai in order to navigate properly. You don’t want to end up lost because you can’t tell locals the direction of your hotel in Thai. Make sure you have the address printed out on a piece of paper, or grab a card from the hotel’s reception.

Choose the right area to stay at

Of course, like any other modern metropolis, Bangkok is complex, with plenty of areas. Some of them aren’t are good for tourists as others, which is why most people opt to stay in the Sukhumvit area, though there are other options. For example, for those looking for more cultural accommodations, the Old Siam or Khaosan areas are good options.

Consider local hotel chains

Not every convenient hotel in Sukhumvit is from an international brand. Local hotel groups like the Baiyoke hotel groups, can offer just as much quality, and some are even know for their in-house offerings. They offer similar luxury and accommodation quality for cheaper rates.

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