The Unique Geography Of Maldives


Maldives is one of the smallest Asian countries in terms of size and population. Luxury resorts like Fairmont in Maldives can be found in the little private islands. The idyllic islands surrounded by the Indian Ocean make it one of the world’s most ideal holiday destinations. Maldives is the perfect destination for seafood fanatics, diving enthusiasts and people who simply want to enjoy a unique adventure.

Maldives is often compared to jewels of a broken necklace. Around 1190 coral islands are grouped together in a double chain making up 26 atolls. Of the 1190 islands, only 200 are inhabited by local people while 80 islands belong to the resorts that have been built upon them. The islands are relatively small with the biggest at approximately 50 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide.

According to stories, the atolls are made from pre-historic volcanoes in the ocean. As the ocean floor around the extinct volcanoes sank, corals appeared and grew around the islands. A fringed reef was formed and grew into a barrier reef that protected the newly formed lagoon inside. The reefs continued to thrive to provide a perfect environment for the underwater ecosystems.

The inhabited islands have different tropical vegetation from the uninhabited ones. Coconut trees and different endemic shrubbery and mangroves can be found on the uninhabited islands while fruit-bearing trees like citrus, banana and papaya trees have been planted on the inhabited islands. Maldives is largely dependent on imports that can be found in abundance in Male, the capital city.

Maldives boasts of balmy weather all year round. Temperature usually fluctuates between 24oC and 33oC. Weather patterns and temperature is affected by the nation’s proximity to the equator and the large landmass of South Asia. The most ideal time to visit Maldives is during the dry season which is between December and April.

If you are planning for a once in a lifetime experience in the islands, look no further than Fairmont in Maldives that guarantees a luxurious escape with every modern convenience. You will enjoy the white sandy beaches, lush tropical jungle and the endless view of the Indian Ocean. They provide the perfect background for your Instagrammable moments.

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